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Author: মো. তাজদীন হাসান , শুভাশীষ রায়
Publisher: Daily Star Books
ISBN: 978-984-94774-0-2
Edition: 1st Published, July 2021
Country: বাংলাদেশ
Language: English Page: 90 Summary: 
Think Like CEOs - What is it? 
Many individuals aspire to be a CEO but very few turn into one. To unravel the mystery of why some corporate executives go on to become leaders and some don't, The Daily Star conducted a candid series of talks with 20 eminent business leaders of Bangladesh over Facebook LIVE sessions from September 2020 to February 2021. It's called 'The Chief Executive Show', and the series informs well on the vital traits that make a CEO — the leader responsible for making the high-stakes decisions, guiding teams, nurturing talent, selling ideas, managing crises and moving mountains for the company. 'Think like CEOs' bottles up the in-depth interviews and presents the business and life lessons of the corporate trailblazers. This is how CEOs run the show, and this will guide you to prepare yourself to have a mindset of a CEO.

Md Tajdin Hassan and Shuvashish Roy are leading the Business Development function of The Daily Star. Hassan is the Chief Strategy & Digital Transformation Officer and Roy the Head of Business. The duo is a perfect match: Hassan has his calibre in leadership and networking, while Roy blends it with creativity and innovation. The concept of 'The Chief Executive Show' came from Hassan, while Roy hosted the show. Hassan, an alumni member of the prestigious IVLP exchange program- U.S. State department, previously worked for BAT Bangladesh, Chevron, Robi and DHL, while Roy, a Chevening scholar, was in DHL and Banglalink. Together they bagged prestigious Asian Media Awards and South Asian Digital Media Awards from The World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA) for The Daily Star.

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