Anti-Viral Care Mask 20 Pcs Bundle For Ladies By Blue jeans

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anti-Viral Mask can be used for a long time.

·   It will cover a wide area of your nose, mouth, and complete jaw.

·   Flexible on the nose and ear. 

    It is an anti-viral chemical finished Mask that destroys all viruses, 

   Bacteria and prevents micro-particles and dust.

·  Completely human skin-friendly and easy breathing.

·  It is a full breathable comfort that can be used the whole day.

·  The soft finishing of the inner layer gives comfort when worn.

·  Ear straps are made of Thermoplastic Elastomer which is harmless for the human ears and comfortable.

·  30 times washable. 

30 Times Washable & Ready to Use after Sunlight dry.
Ironable in moderate heat.